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What is Performer 5?

Performer 5 is a combination of natural ingredients which are real and safe and this Performer 5 ensures 5 times more ejaculation than natural. It also ensures more ejaculation in number and with power for man and a man can easily satisfy his partner’s orgasms as many time as he want. It may be happening in bed that, your partner wants more orgasms from you or she wants more penetration. But usually one cannot response immediately because he has no sort of confidence that he can ejaculate or not.

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What People Have to Say About Performer 5?

I was in little trouble at bed when my wife wants more sex sometimes. I had also low confidence about my second attempt and it also created some problem in ejaculation. But when I start taking Performer 5 I get result within one month from first use. Now my penis is too hard as well as rough and massive ejaculation is possible by me. My performance at bed is now gigantic and my wife also enjoyed it. I am so much thankful to Performer 5 because it brings extra power in my penis and it also increase sexual durability than before.


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Ingredients and What Make This Product Work So Well

Performer 5 is a booster for increasing sex power because it contains natural organic ingredients. These organic materials and ingredients have power to give turbo charge in penis penetration. Performer 5 is a dual combination system and it can increase ejaculating more than 5 times before. Zinc Aspartate, Zinc Gluconate, L Arginine, DL Malic Acid are the key organic components of this Performer 5.

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How Performer 5 Has Helped Me with My Low Ejaculation

I am Samuel from Ohio of United States of America. I am an engineer in profession and have to work more when any project is ongoing. I married Selena One and half years ago and she is Doctor in profession. So, she is also so busy at hospital and so dedicated for patient. That’s why we do not get enough time and in some holiday she has duty at her hospital. So night is the best time to get closer her and it is too natural for any new married couple that they wants lot of sex than any other time.Read more »